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predatory fish

The flying ICARUS

On-going-investigation My creative process is the product of continuous research. I absorb and am affected by random shapes, materials, and colors. Mostly, I don't know where the process will lead. What the painting will look like. Since the process is lengthy, the various and varied materials are integrated into a new reality, and the work can continue for many years. The strategy is similar to a simultaneous chess game, against many participants, sometimes dozens. The result sometimes leads to a complex, overloaded, often chaotic outcome. To absorb the content, it is necessary to visually disassemble the drawing and identify the variety of secondary stories. Such is the painting "Flying Icarus."
Icarus flying
Icarus flies


We as the public are descendants of Newton (as they say, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree) - aware of gravity. Know very well what is up, and what is down. what happens when you fall
The canvas on which one draws - unconscious. For it, there is no up no

Queen Fish
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